London Keyes Bathtub Blowjob

London Keyes Bathtub Sex

London Keyes should have no problem perking you right up when you watch her work her beautiful magic in today’s Nuru massage. Featuring lots of soap to makes things as slippery and sensual as possible, London goes right to work in the shower, her beautiful body front and center as she kisses her client while she jerks his throbbing penis. She invites him into a bubble bath, where we get to watch the beautiful London slowly massage up and down her client’s body, eventually stopping to give him a mind blowing and perfectly administered blowjob. I think we all agree that the Nuru massage is truly the greatest invention to ever come out of the far East!

London Keyes Sex Massage

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Asa Akira Sex Massage

Asa Akira Jacuzzi Sex

The beautiful Asa Akira is at work in a Nuru massage parlor, today. Her impeccable body and beautiful breasts are sure to impress all who see her, and she once again proves why she is as popular as she is. Things start slowly, with a sensual naked soapy shower that features lots of skin contact and erotic behavior from Asa, who knows exactly how to make a man’s day complete. She teases him, rubbing him up against her beautiful pussy, making sure he’s as hard as he can be. On to the jacuzzi, where she again pretends to ride him, slowly massaging his penis with her magic and soft hands. This woman truly knows how to give a sensual massage!

Asa Akira Nuru Massage

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Asian Babe Shower Massage

Petite Asian Shower Sex

A sensual massage artist, today’s beautiful Asian masseuse has hands that could put a bull at ease. Her beautiful and petite natural body is perfect for Nuru massage, Japan’s answer to what a sexual massage should be. Her client is tense and nervous, so she goes to work quickly, her beautiful naked body leading both of them into the shower where she massages him, occasionally masturbating him with her silky smooth hands. In the jacuzzi, she works her hands methodically, forcing the stress from his muscles while he slips deeper into a relaxed state. This woman truly knows how a man works.

Asian Sex Massage

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Hot Jacuzzi Sex Massage

Jacuzzi Blowjob

A first timer to the Nuru massage way of relaxation gets his mind blown, today. Featuring a beautiful masseuse who wants to give him deep relaxation, he is in for an amazing time. She starts off by undressing him and leading him into a warm shower, where she slowly and methodically massages his body, easing his nerves and releasing tension. She jerks him off a little bit, as well, just to give him an idea of what is to come. In the Jacuzzi, she pulls out all the stops, giving him an incredible blowjob as they are both blasted by jets of hot water, relieving both of their tension.

Sex Massage

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Asian Girls Shower Massage

Girl on Girl Massage

Miko is a beautiful Asian woman who is about to partake in her first day of Nuru massage training. One of her friendly new co-workers decides to show her exactly what a Nuru massage entails, and gives her one on the house. They have a very erotic shower, with lots of heavy petting, something you need to see to believe when two beautiful women are involved. It isn’t long before they are enjoying one another in the Jacuzzi, partaking in some delightful mutual masturbation that will leave you begging for more. Watching their bodies quiver with pleasure is truly magical.

Nuru Massage Videos

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Asian Hottie Sex Massage

Asian Sex Massage

This Nuru massage features an absolutely beautiful Japanese women who has magical hands and a desire to please her clients. This eastern sourced massage features a fantastic and wet blowjob in the shower to warm the client up, his masseuse ensuring his body is ready to begin. Following a fantastic shower, they go into a warm, large jacuzzi where this skilled lady from the far East slides up and down on his soap covered body, allowing their bodies to come into total contact while she works. Her breasts are fondled while she slides and gyrates, driving her client wild with relaxation and pleasure.

Nuru Massage

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